Myths About Drug Addiction

Myth one: People who are addicted to drugs just lack willpower - why don't they just stop?

Many people believe that those with drug abuse problems should just stop taking them. However, ongoing exposure to drugs can create a physical addiction as well as make Effects Of Methadone changes to the brain. Addicts will experience physical cravings for a drug and experience symptoms such as sweating, nausea and shakes when they do not take drugs.

Myth two: Addiction is a disease so there is nothing you can do

The majority of experts agree that addiction is a disease of the brain but it is not necessarily permanent. Changes which occur in the brain due to drug use can often be reversed with treatment.

You should not think that once you or someone love are addicted to drugs there is nothing that can be done.

Myth three: Addicts have to hit rock bottom before seeking treatment

This is not true - treatment for drug abuse can occur at any time and the earlier the better. The longer a person continues to abuse drugs, the greater the likelihood of long-term damage and the stronger the addiction will become.

Myth four: I failed to quit drugs before; there's no point trying again

Just because you have failed to quit drugs once, that doesn't mean there is no hope. Beating drugs is an ongoing process. Perhaps your state of mind has changed or you could try a new approach to quitting drugs. For example, if a non-residential rehab centre did not work, you could try a residential rehabilitation centre. If you did not like group therapy, investigate individual counselling.

Myth five: Drug abuse only refers to illegal drugs

People don't just get addicted to illegal drugs. People also abuse drugs such as prescription Methadone Locator drugs and aerosols. Addiction to these types of drugs is just as potentially dangerous as addiction to illegal drugs.

Treatment is available for all types of drug abuse and addiction professionals take all types of addiction as seriously.

Myth six: Any use of drugs is drug abuse.

While using any drug, even just once, can be highly dangerous, just because someone uses drugs it does not mean they are an addict.

Myth seven: Treatment will cure me of drug addiction

Quitting Treatment Program drugs is an ongoing process and treatment such as counselling or staying in a rehab centre is not a 'silver bullet' to fix your dependency.

Treatment will help you kick drugs and support your rehabilitation to a life without drugs.

By: Sarah Cornish

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Sanitation Deemed Greatest Medical Advance

Sanitation is the greatest medical advance since 1840, according to voters in a poll on the medical journal BMJ's Web site.

The runners-up: antibiotics and anesthesia, says BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal).

Last year, BMJ invited readers to submit nominations for the top medical breakthrough since 1840, the year the journal was launched. BMJ then posted 15 nominations and invited people to vote on its Web site between Jan. 5 and Jan. 14, 2007.

Votes poured in from more than 11,000 people (mainly doctors) in countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, U.K., and the U.S.

Here, in order, are the results:

1. Sanitation: 1,795 votes. The importance of clean drinking water and waste disposal was recognized in the late 1800s as diseases began to be linked to impure water. However, the World Health Organization says there is still a long way to go. More than 1.1 billion people still lack access to drinking water from an improved source; 2.6 billion do not have basic sanitation.2. Antibiotics: 1,642 votes. Alexander Fleming, a British bacteriologist, discovered penicillin in 1928 by accident when he sloppily left a Petri dish of bacteria unwashed in his lab. He found a substance (later named penicillin) growing on it that killed the bugs, and modern-day antibiotics got started. Fleming shared the Nobel Prize in 1945 for the discovery.3. Anesthesia: 1,574 votes. In 1846, a Boston dentist used ether during surgery, putting an end to much of the pain of operations. Since then, general anesthesia has become a mainstay.4. Vaccines: 1,337 votes. Vaccines have helped prevent a variety of diseases including polio, whooping cough and measles. The first was Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccine, in 1796.5. Discovery of DNA structure: 1,000 votes. Scientists James Watson and Francis Crick presented the structure of the DNA helix, the molecule responsible for carrying genetic information from one generation to the next, in 1953. It earned them the Nobel Prize in 1962.6. Germ theory: 843 votes. In the late 1800s, Louis Pasteur was the first to suggest that disease is caused by exposure to microorganisms. Others furthered the theory, showing that specific diseases are caused by specific "bugs."7. Oral contraceptive pill: 842 votes. The pill arrived on the U.S. market in 1960. For women who use it correctly, oral contraception can be up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.8. Evidence-based medicine: 636 votes. As the name suggests, evidence-based medicine involves making use of the current best evidence (such as research), combined with a patient's values and a doctor's clinical experience, to make decisions about patient care. The term was coined in the early '90s, and the concept has been evolving ever since.9. Medical imaging: 471 votes. The X-ray was accidentally discovered in 1895. Since then, the field has expanded, giving us computed tomography (CT scans), positron emission (PET scans), magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) and ultrasound.10. Computers: 405 votes. From medical records to insurance to making sure your new medication isn't going to clash with an existing one, computers are now considered as important as their stethoscopes by some doctors. They've been in use in medicine since the early 1960s. Doctors can access information on new drugs and interactions, new medical studies, and clinical trials, and keep patient records stored at their fingertips.11. Oral rehydration therapy: 308 votes. This therapy involves giving fluids by mouth to replace losses by the body. It was first reported in 1964; now it's a mainstay of treatment in patients with cholera, acte diarrhea, and other conditions.12. Risks of smoking: 183 votes. The first report of the connection between smoking and lung cancer was published in BMJ in 1950. Even so, tobacco use still kills an estimated 440,000 Americans each year.13. Immunology: 182 votes. The history of immunology is traced to 1798, when Edward Jenner found that people could be immunized against the disease smallpox. Numerous other immunology discoveries followed, leading to a greater understanding of such things as allergies and antibodies.14. Chlorpromazine: 73 votes. Discovered in 1952, chlorpromazine (Thorazine) was the first antipsychotic medication. It was used to treat psychotic disorders and their symptoms, such as hallucinations, hostility, and delusions. Its development brought new understanding of the biological basis for mental illness, and some say it provided more humane management.15. Tissue culture: 50 votes. Tissue culture (keeping tissue alive and growing it in a culture medium for research or other purposes) was "discovered" in 1907. But it took until the 1950s for it to become an important tool for clinical investigation.SOURCES: News release, BMJ. WebMD Medical News: "What's the Greatest Medical Advance?"

By Miranda Hitti

Reviewed by Louise Chang, M.D

2007 WebMD, LLC.. All Rights Reserved.


Fixing Your Personal Finance

Retirement planning should not merely be a consideration shortly before retirement - it is something that needs to be considered as early on in life as your late teens and early 20s. This is a pot of cash that's kept totally apart from normal day to day cash. Several banks and home insurance firms offer credit loan towards the householders to execute vermin plague control because it may damage your property together with belongings. Several banks and home insurance firms offer credit loan for the householders to execute vermin plague control because it can damage your premises together with belongings. This can ultimately confuse you.

It's certainly correct that the imposition of a flat fee of 10% to 25% of the borrowed funds amount works out to be a very high APR when you take into account the short term nature of the loan, and although taking out a payday loan may actually work out being cheaper than some other forms of finance such as long term credit card debt, the interest rate will nevertheless be much, greater than that of your personal loan. Creating a place for their members to ask questions, answer questions and commence discussions was obviously a very smart move by Snipsly. How perform the insurance scams occur?Often the driver should go along an obvious road or roundabout and watch for another driver to come behind them. Try to find a bank who is content to grant a loan rather than ask to get a payment till you begin earning profits together with your business.

Furthermore, there is certainly no guarantee that investing in an immovable asset will bring future gains. com/) and, Rex Agreement (http://www. But, should you consolidate your debt, you can get away with making one payment to your personal bank loan provider - this can help to produce certain that you'll be keeping any overdue fees to as little as possible, as it will the simple for you to definitely remember to produce just the main one payment. But, if you consolidate your debt, you could possibly get away with making one payment to your personal bank loan provider - this helps to make certain you can easily up keeping any overtime fees to as little as possible, as it will the simple for one to remember to create just usually the one payment. Examples of Fixed Expenses are:.

and resolving those problems. When you need quick cash, a payday loan might well be the sole answer. What does this mean for insurance quotes?Due for the rising insurance scams and the rising payouts by insurance companies, the scams cost insurers approximately three-hundred and fifty million Euro in 2009 alone. com by avoiding late charges on bills I forgot about, and moving savings to pay for a check that cleared too soon.

Mint lets you set personal finance Goals, and it helps you track your progress. The most frequent are the financial books. For this reason, the taxation impacts of retirement planning Victoria should continually be considered.

It's certainly factual that the imposition of a flat fee of 10% to 25% of the borrowed funds amount works out to become a quite high APR when you're taking into consideration the temporary nature of the loan, and although taking out a payday loan may actually work out to be cheaper than some other kinds of finance such as long term charge card debt, the eye rate will be much, higher than that of a personal loan. How perform the insurance scams occur?Often the driver will go along an obvious road or roundabout and await another driver to come behind them. After the accident has occurred, they're saying personal injury, damage to their vehicle, and recovery fees. And do not forget some ordinances range from the parking area too since the sidewalk.

So here's opportunity to get your free tips on sales tools as well as in addition to that get basic information on saving cash visit tax tips and tools. .   Maybe there will probably be an addition to your household through a birth, you never know what can arise. Map of Florida.


Christmas Loans - Easy Finances For Your Christmas Celebrations

Many business owners have discovered early on that it can be difficult to learn how to properly use money management techniques. So at such times to fulfill your urgent requirements you can take the help of payday loans. So at such times to fulfill your urgent requirements you can take the help of payday loans. These wishes and dreams depend a lot on the availability of finances. These money provisions come in different shapes and sizes.

In context of these loans, even those with defaults, CCJ, IVA, arrears as well as those filing for bankruptcy can also acquire the service of these loans. When your credit status has some defaults and over dues, you may be termed as a bad creditor. The applicant to get approved with this loan should need to be a permanent citizen of US and should complete the age of eighteen years or more. The only way you won't get that dreaded visit from the IRS is if you're paying your taxes.

There are going to come times when a client will insist that he has paid you and having a numbered invoice to look up can be very helpful in that situation. You may be one among such people. It's because you can plan your budget, pay your bills on time, and basically keep your books up-to-date.

Being a new mum is both exciting and exhausting, but being aware ahead of time what money you're entitled to during your maternity leave will mean you can enjoy your new baby without any additional financial worries. Your confidence and your business will sure be given a huge boost if you become skilled at managing your finances properly. You need do one thing to compare the other such lending options available around. Get the best frozen yogurt machines and more without obtaining a freezer burn on your finances.


Houston Bankruptcy Lawyers Improve Your Credit Rating

If you're considering getting a secured credit card after bankruptcy or just to start rebuilding your credit but aren't sure what features to look for in a secured card, this article will answer the basic questions about secured credit cards, how they work and offer a list of some of the best ones from a variety of credit card companies. You have to agree that your credit score could actually do wonders for you especially if you are planning to have a house in the near future. Aside from the emotional pain that comes with divorce, financial issues are also a challenge. Individual bankruptcy ruins your credit score. To file for bankruptcy in Houston, the bankrupt needs to hire a lawyer who can assess his/her financial status and instruct him/her to file for the case under a chapter that can complement his/her status.

There are two major types of bankruptcy in the State of Indiana. Is it due to the creditors that are repeatedly calling and harassing you? If this is your reason, you may be able to stop the harassing phone calls without filing bankruptcy. There may be some debtors might not prefer to seek expert advice. While bankruptcy can be seen as something that has no way out, it can also be seen as a chance for new beginning.

After DischargeYou are now debt free.  One of them is indebtedness. However, the catch when it comes to this is that you will need to pay for the debt on the next payday. From here the LLC would take responsibility and file for business bankruptcy claim.

The second kind of bankruptcy for individuals is Chapter 1 This differs from Chapter 7 in that it's for individuals that do have income that exceeds their household expenses. This is when you ask a blogger in your field if you can post an article to their blog. However, bankruptcy proceedings are a private affair. This is when you ask a blogger in your field if you can post an article to their blog. For instance, they may be willing to lower your monthly payment amount or interest rate to give you the chance to get caught up with your debts.

Knowing that the average interest for long term loans can peak to 60-70%, the short term loans are a lot different. This depends entirely on the creditors. If you do not go to court then the creditor can win by default so it is very important that you attend. Even though your debt has been discharged, a third party collections agency will contact Creditor X and offer to buy your debt for $ Creditor X would rather show a profit of $10 than a loss of $10,000 so they agree.

Bankruptcy laws in the USA is highly complex and stringent and the bankruptcy contains over sixty different cases and disciplines and each discipline owns over hundred more sub-categories. You have no obligation to pay anyone after your debt is discharged and should report harassing letters and phone calls to your bankruptcy attorney immediately. If you find yourself in a very serious financial predicament involving deep debt, some kind of action is necessary. Since the elderly are prey to unscrupulous people, and in order to avoid problems it would be a good idea to watch over their finances regardless of their financial situation.


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